The Best Depression Songs To Give Yourself Hope Again!

Depression can be a terrible thing to have to deal with and sadly in today's modern, stressful and oftentimes lonely world it is an emotional state that more and more people find themselves experiencing on a daily basis. One of the most therapeutic and helpful aids available to help you cope with depression and re-emerge in a more positive frame of mind is music. In the following article we will look at the best depression songs you can listen to, which will lift your spirit and restore hope in your life.
REM - Everybody Hurts
One of REM's most powerful songs that has helped and comforted millions of people with depression is "Everybody Hurts". The song's lyrics emphasize that it is normal to experience hurt and to struggle in life and that you need to not let yourself go, but instead to keep on going.
Going Under - Evanescence
Released in 2003 this song has been extremely helpful to listeners by helping them to understand that their feelings and emotions are understood at the deepest level. It captures the feeling perfectly when you just can't cope any more. The key is to listen closely to the song to help you release the emotions that have been eating away at you. In that way it can be extremely cathartic.
Not Afraid - Eminem
Since its release on YouTube this track has become one of the most viewed videos on the Internet of all time. Eminem provides a strong message of hope which has resonated with the wider world and inspired millions to move beyond their depression and make their way in the world again. This song was borne out of Eminem's own struggles with depression which reached an all-time low with drug addiction and the murder of one of his closest friends. This is an inspirational song that shows there is light at the end of the tunnel and that you can get through even the worst of situations.
The Show Must Go On - Queen
One of the most powerful songs ever recorded by perhaps the greatest rock band of all time, Queen. Freddie Mercury basically says that no matter what suffering, heartache or misfortune you have gone through, you simply have to keep on going. Struggling himself with serious illness at this time and a series of failed relationships Mercury encourages us to defy it all and insists that the "show must go on."
Depression is a serious illness and its toll on individuals should never be underestimated. However, it is something that you can get through and overcome with help and support. Listening to some of the best depression songs ever written can provide you with the comfort, solace and inspiration to move beyond this dark period of your life and make tomorrow a brighter day.
One of the best ways to get the most out of listening to depression songs is to do so while exercising. Exercising releases powerful feel-good endorphins and can, when combined with the therapeutic depression songs, help you overcome struggles and feel happy with your life and yourself once again.


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