Music Is a Great Tool for Dealing With Depression

Music is a very, very great tool - a lot more powerful that most people give it credit for. Music can make us laugh, let us cry or remind us of a particular event or person in our lives. Because of that, there's been a trend lately to try to cure or heal depression with music. Here are a several tips that can help someone dealing with depression get over it with the help of music.
Your first thought might be to go with happy, cheerful music. Because that music would alter your mood and all is solved, right? Well, I know that when I'm annoyed, and even dealing with depression, if I had to deal with a lively, happy song, I would like to punch someone. You like to gradually work your way out. At first, it's okay to confirm your feelings. Find a song that talks about what's on your mind. Usually, this is a "nothing's going right, there's no way out" song. Depending on how long you like to spend, it can even be a few songs. You don't like to stay there though. After that, search a "nothing's going right now, however perhaps there's a hope" song.
Then graduate to a "nothing's going right, however my head it up and it doesn't bother me because I do have hope" variety. You can more often than not search a good gospel song by Kirk Franklin, Hezekiah Walker or Marvin Sapp. However, the type of song is completely up to you, whatever fits your personal tastes. If you chose, you can even go a little further to an upbeat, peppy "Hey, everything's okay!" song. For me personally though, that's a bit much. I like to stop on the "Okay, I do have hope now" portion.
Make sure to lose those headphones! If you're dealing with depression, you already feel inaccessible in your own small world, so don't further that. Turn on your stereo and let just unwind in the music. Soak it in. Make sure you're wearing comfortable clothing, close your eyes, sit back and merely take the music in. Don't be bothered by anything else - focus totally on the words of the song and the beat. Go ahead and cry if you want to - depression needs an outlet. If you want to scream, go ahead.
Absolutely crying my heart out has been some of the best help for me. It feels like so much has been lifted from me when that's done. Connect to the words of the song - make it personal. Originally, relate to the deep depression of the song you started with. That way, you'll be able to relate to the second and third (even fourth) waves of music. When you're done, don't just jump back into the world. Stay there, rest and think about what you've just heard. You heard someone say there's hope and you put yourself in that condition, visualizing your own hope.
There's a very powerful relationship among your brain and your physical body, so if you like to spent an hour with this method, you're going to feel at least a little better if you genuinely go with it. Obviously, if you like to stay stuck in depression, you will. However, if you're looking for a way out, some music therapy will help. Try a little music therapy for your own depression, or pass it along to a big name else who is struggling. Either way, it's a technique that will help.


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