Are You Depressed? How a Song Saved My Life

Some of you may wonder why I'm so passionate about helping young people live their purpose. It all started back in 1995. After years of attending a lame catholic grade school and middle school, I made the jump to public high school.
High school was going to be awesome: no more cheesy uniforms, playing football, lots of girls, easy classes, hanging out with cool public school kids. I had it made, except that:
·         My clothes were lame.
·         I was pummeled on the football field - everyone went through puberty before me.
·         Girls were not to impressed with the puny kid with nerd-goggles.
·         Easy classes are boring classes.
·         The cool public school kids? Not so cool when they leave you out.
Yes, I was a loser. How did I not know this? Then one morning my alarm goes off and I'm cranky and say, "Uhh, why do I have to get up this morning?"
Why do I have to get up? To go to school. And then? To get good grades. And then? Go to college. And then? Get more good grades. And then? Get a job. And then? Have a family. And then? Retire. And then? Die. Wait a minute! I'm going through all this work just to die!? No way. Why would anyone go through all this pain to die? If this's all there is, the smart thing would be to blow your brains out, right?
That idea scared me, but I couldn't shake it: If this is all there is, the smart thing is to end it now. I'm a smart guy, but kill myself, really, that's the smartest thing I can do?
Next day my alarm goes off and I wake up to this:
Rain, rain, on my face. Hasn't stopped raining for days. My world is a flood. Slowly I become one with the mud. But if I can't swim after 40 days and my mind is crushed by the crashing waves, lift me up so high that I cannot fall, lift me oh oh, lift me up.
That was different.
A cry from the heart for someone to lift me up. I gave it a try. I pleaded from my heart for God to show me there was something more to life. You know what? It made a difference. No, my life did not magically get better. I didn't have a growth spurt right away or become Mr. Popular. But I did discover that God is a Father who loves me, who sent His Son Jesus Christ to save me, and who created me with a specific purpose in mind. I discovered my life had a meaning, and now I get to help young people every day discover who God is for them, His purpose for their life, and how they can make a difference in the world. God bless. Live from your heart.


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